Saturday, May 31, 2008


Everything has its opposite, so here is the yin to our current yang. Have you ever read a book and thought, "why hasn't everyone read this? This is the best book in the world!" So here is our new list, the underrated books in your life. Spread the word on your favorite book that maybe not everyone has heard of or appreciate. Here are my current two:

Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency
by Alexander McCall Smith

Emphasis on the series here. There are 9 of these and they are all fantastic. Whenever I'm reading them it seems like I get the comment, "oh I read the first, I didn't know there was more." There's more people, and they are all just as good if not better than the first. If you are unfamiliar with the series, it is about a woman named Precious Ramotswe who runs a detective agency in the rurual Botswana and the family and friends in her life. She comes across some interesting cases and despite the lack of any formal training, has a keen instinct for solving most cases that come her way. Mama Ramotswe gets funnier and even more philosophical with every book and you become to really care about these characters even more with every new chapter of their lives. I find myself pining away for Africa and its beauty in every read--and I've never even been there. They read very fast and each have beautiful messages in them about life and love and our relationships with the people we care about most.

Giants in the Earth
by O.E. Rolvaag

I LOVE this book. It's set in the Dakotas in the late 19th century and is about a family named the Hansas who come from Norway to settle and try to prosper in this brutal untamed land. It's gracefully written and its descriptions of the landscapes and characters can't help but bring you in into the story and live it all with them. I can't help but empathize with the mother and wife, Beret, and she tries to work through the isolation and frustration of this new life. It's both beautiful and tragic at the same time. I'm sure it's my own pioneer roots showing, but you cannot help feeling grateful for all those who came before us in this country, who, with sweat, faith, tears, and sacrifice made it possible to have the nation we have now.

So everyone, Tell us about your favorite hidden gem!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hmmm.... Vampires Win!!

Need I say more?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you ever read a book that when you finished it you thought it had to be the most overrated book in history? I have quite a list, but the most recent one is this puppy...

Seriously ladies, leave this 'award winner' on the shelf. Margaret Atwood has written some really great stuff, so I had high hopes. Was it awful? No. Was is completely overrated? Yes.
I'd like to say I totally got it. That it completely made sense to have 2 storylines from two different periods of time AND a science fiction novel going on in a book about the relationship between two daughters of a rich Canadian industrialist, but it didn't. Atwood left you clues throughout the whole book as to what was happening, but still, by the end there were so many holes that needed patching the entire last chapter was solely a 'wrap-up' of explanations that still didn't even seem to leave you satisfied.

Some of my other "overrated" reads are as follows:

The Great Gatsby

What is this book? Really, what is it? I pretty much just remember a lot of rich people with no accountability whining about their lot in life and who loves who and who doesn't. I know there are some of our members who love it. Please, I beg you, tell me why.

The Scarlet Letter
The only thing this book taught me was not to sleep with your clergymen, especially in 1700's and especially when your already a married woman. Although, this is some pretty sound advice...

The Awakening
This is supposedly a story about feminism and women's rights. I really just read a story about a very spoiled, rich housewife with no moral compass.

Anything that's starts with "Chicken Soup" or "Seven Habits"
I don't think this one needs explaining.

This list could go on and on.

So, here it is ladies, the official post of the most overrated book you've read. What is it? Don't be shy, throw your hat in, let us know how you feel about that book that's made you think, "I just don't get it."

Oh yeah... and, if any of you (cough **DeEtte** cough) say Wuthering Heights, we are officially in the biggest Literachicks fight ever....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazon Kindle

Check out this thing that Amazon has available - called the Kindle. It's like having all your books in your bag with you wherever you go! How cool would that be? Watch the video that you have to scroll down to get to. It's a little wider than the rest of them.

I know that it takes away a little from the "reading a book" feel though. That's why my jury is still deliberating. Plus... it's pricey...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Please Tell Me It Gets Better

I started reading New Moon yesterday and I'm so incredibly depressed by it that I'm not sure I can go on!

Someone! Please! Tell me that it gets happier!

If you have it, I'm on page 132. It seems as though it may be picking up a bit, but I've got to know that it's going to get better.

I have this nasty habit of skipping ahead to some random point in a book to give me hope in hopeless situations such as this, but I can't find anything to give me the hope I seek. Hence my asking my book club buddies to help me out.

By the way... have you checked out Stephenie Meyer's "official" website? I'm sure I'm the last one to see this, but she's writing a book that tells the Twilight story from Edward's point of view. Check it out under the "Other Projects" tab.

She's also coming to La Jolla on May 23rd for a discussion and signing for The Host. Tickets are $30 and it appears that there are still some available. I haven't looked into it deeper than the website though, so they could be sold out.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thirsting For More

I'm done. I'm on my way to catching up.

I loved it! I'll be on to the next one in no time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Read It People

I just finished this late last night and I totally loved it. Stephenie Meyer is just great at pulling you in and really making you love these characters! This was a terrific story about humanity and (of course!!) love. I didn't even feel like I was reading a science fiction novel. I highly recommend. You can get it at Costco right now for $14.95, it's a good buy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trailing by a Mile...

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for deciding to keep me even though I seem to only pretend to love to read.

Second of all, I just have to say that Bella and I are going to get along just fine. I love her! (So far. I'm only on chapter 5 in book 1.)

A Marianne Dashwood Elizabeth Bennett wannabee...

Of course we all want to be Lizzy, but alas! When I was taking the quiz, I could see where this was going, and I was tempted to pick some of the answers like "dark and exotic" that would have perhaps changed this to Elizabeth, but decided to answer honestly.

I am...Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! After reading her description, I must admit it does fit me: I am impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest. I do enjoy romantic poetry (Ok not really poetry) and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully (violin perhaps?) To boot, my singing voice is captivating. -They said it, not me... I feel deeply, and love passionately.

I don't really remember her character that well, perhaps we all should watch the movie again!

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

B&N Coupon

I have a coupon for 40% off the new Stephanie Meyer book. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll forward it to you. It's good at the store or online.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have to admit I'm very surprised. I never would have thought....

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Yummy Twilight Trailer Goodness

You know you want to watch it.

What say you ladies? Are we going to be in line on opening day for this one? My guess is yes. Everyone keep December 12th open (it's never too early to schedule and Edward fix.)

Twilight Trailer

FYI, Meyer's new novel The Host comes out tomorrow. So anyone planning a trip to Barnes and Noble, keep your eye out!

My Hopes Are Dashed

I am Elinor Dashwood!

I was kind of expecting this, but not really hoping for know what I mean? Honestly, who wants to be Elinor Dashwood? She's not very romantic or cool, is she? I always knew I was an Elinor deep down, it's rather disappointing.

Take the Quiz here!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confessions of an Austen Non-Reader

I have a confession to make...

I've never read a Jane Austen novel. I've seen Sense & Sensibility (the newer one) but I have never read any of her books.

I took the quiz anyway... Just because.

Apparently, I'm most like Elinor Dashwood. I might have to watch the movie again.

Who would have thought it. I totally chose Kate Winslet to play me. I guess Emma Thompson's pin curls are just as good as Kate's. That was a fun quiz. I hope everyone takes the challenge.
Elinor Dashwood!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Which one are you?

I found this quiz on Amy Webb's blog and I felt is just HAD to be here. Take the quiz and find out what Austen Herione you are. I took it and here I am. I must admit I'm a bit surprised at my results. I was expecting someone else. Have fun and let us know who you are!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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